Gmail Backup: The Ultimate Guide

Gmail Backup

Having a Backup is never a bad idea. A Backup File can save you from all the unwanted troubles and save a lot of time. You might be planning to switch your current job or profession and as a result, you have finally decided to shift from a former Gmail Account to a fresh one. Most of us have a Gmail Account that we want to discontinue.

Discontinuing a Gmail Account is not a big deal but having the copy of all the Gmails and related details in the new account might sound like a problem to most of the people. There are hundred reasons that require you to change your Gmail account and having a backup of all the old mails or the important ones becomes a very crucial task.

Whatever may be the reason, having a Backup file ready is always a good and smart idea. For all those who have so far considered the process of taking Backup of Gmail as a difficult task, we have come up with an ultimate guide to get a backup of your mails and related files.

It is always advised to take backup regularly to avoid complications during emergency. Taking a backup after a few months is a healthy habit one must follow. Coming back to the out ultimate guide to take Gmail backup, there are many ways in which you can take a backup. The most common and mostly used method of taking Gmail Backup is by using 'Google's Takeout' feature.

It is among the most commonly used methods of taking Gmail backup and is comparatively easy and hassle-free process. Let us discuss about Google's Takeout features and other ways to take Gmail Backup in detail.

Ways To Take Gmail Backup

Google's Takeout Feature

In order to get a Backup file using Google's Takeout feature, you have to follow certain steps that will ultimately create a complete Gmail Backup file.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Privacy & Personalization tab, followed by the 'Manage your data & personalization' tab under it.
  3. You will see options like 'Download', 'Delete', or 'Make a Plan for your data'. Scroll down until you reach the 'Download' tab and click on 'Download you data.'
  4. Once done, you will be directed to the Google Takeout page. Select the box available next to Gmail and all those apps you want to backup. You will also find a 'Multiple Formats' button. It allows taking a backup in a prescribed format of your choice. Once selected, click on 'Next Step.'
  5. Now you will be asked to select the source where you want to save the Backup file. All the available options could be seen under 'Delivery Method' tab. The options include adding the backup to your drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and also in the form of a download link.
  6. Another feature of Google's Takeout is that it lets you decide whether you want to export the Backup just one time or after every two months which can be done upto a year. You can also select the type of the backup file and the maximum file size according to your preference.
  7. Once you have selected the maximum file size, you can click on 'Create Export' to begin the process. If the backup file exceeds the set limit, it will automatically be downloaded in different files. Once making selections, click on 'Create Export' to begin the download.
  8. The time taken in downloading the backup file might take a few days depending on the size and type of the file. However, anytime during the downloading process, you can cancel the export by clicking on 'Cancel Export' and can also begin downloading another backup by clicking on 'Create Another Export.'

NOTE: If you are using a Company's Gmail Account, there are chances that the company might have disable Takeout. In that case, you would have to look out for other options to get a backup that does not violate your company's policies.

Now let us discuss briefly about some of the other ways to getting a Gmail backup file. These methods are quick, hassle free and require just a few clicks. All you need to do is to follow the instructions carefully, and you will have the Backup ready in no time.

Gmail Forwarding Filter

It is undoubtedly the best hack to have a temporary Gmail backup. All of us using Gmail must be aware of the Gmail Filter Mechanism. All you need to is set all your mails in your current Gmail Account to the new Gmail Account where you want their copy. Once you set the Gmail filter, you will get the copy of all the selected mails in your new Gmail Account.

Having a G Suite Account

This one is a paid mechanism, but definitely worth trying if you need regular copies of all the mails. All you need to do is set up your G Suite Account and use its forwarding feature. If you use a company's mail account that is registered on G Suite, you can easily set a filter. This way, every mail that comes on the G Suite will automatically be copied to your personal Gmail Account.


Various applications have also been introduced in the international markets that let you have a Gmail Backup file in no time. One such software or application is GMVAULT. It is a chain of Python scripts that run smoothly on Windows, Mac, Linux etc. It offers a wide range of features including backing up you complete Gmail Archive, and shifting all the mails from one Gmail Account to another.

It is flexible software and can be used according to personal requirement. The system lets you decide the type and size of files you want to download.


A free yet a very convenient option, Mailstore Home works only on Windows. It is a free application that can be used for backing up multiple and individual Gmail accounts without any kind of hassle. If you are not a tech savvy and prefer a simple way, Mailstore Home can help you a lot in having a quick Gmail Backup.

UPSAFE Gmail Backup

Just like Mailstore, Upsafe is another free yet a very convenient option of having a Gmail Backup. The only drawback is that it works only on windows. If you are looking for an easy and quick way to get Gmail Backup, Upsafe Free Gmail Backup application is worth trying.

Gmail Backup Tool: Paid Solution

Paid Solution is the best place to get Gmail Backup in desired formats. Using this tool, you have a complete freedom to take the Backup of your Gmail account in a required format. The interface used in this software is user friendly and can easily be used by a person who is not from a technical background. Another feature of this Gmail Backup tool is that you can download the Backup in various formats such as PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, TGZ, etc.

These were some of the commonly used applications and methods to get a Gmail Backup. There are many more ways that can help you backing up multiple or individual Gmail accounts. Selecting a particular method of getting a backup depends completely on your preference and interest.

Almost all the applications designed to create Backup are created to provide people a hassle free experience. While some of them might seem a technical, most of them come with crystal clear set of instructions. Following them would help you to download the complete Gmail backup file. Again, taking a Backup regularly is a healthy habit and must never be ignored.

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