Privacy Policy

ToolsBall Software promises to keep the privacy of the viewers and all the clients. It intent to keep the private information and other data secure by various means. The given information is retained securely in various digital databases that are protected using various technical algorithms and firewall software. We understand your privacy and hence, are determined not to share, sell, rent, or distribute any kind of data that violates your private information and commit not to share any personal details.

We assure that any personal information of our clients that gets saved with us will not be shared except what is required at certain times. Our working is completely transparent and we never intend to cheat our clients by any fraud means. Your personal details are collected only for the purpose of future purchases and product support and assistance. You would get all the information regarding the new updates in our products and services.

About the Policy

In our privacy policy, 'we', 'us', and 'our' only indicated ToolsBall Software and its associated entities. Our privacy policy gives an overview of broad and transparent information related to the strategies and methods we apply in relation to our privacy policy. However, if you wish to know more about our privacy information, you can thoroughly read the guidelines that appear soon after you enter your privacy information.

About Personal Particulars

ToolsBall Software required specific kind of information from the users who want to make a purchase order for any of our products or services. This personal information are also required by us to respond to your personal queries regarding any of our services. We are always available for you in case you need any technical assistance or suggestion regarding anything related to the products and services we offer.

ToolsBall Software may sometimes ask you to provide personal information in the occasions when you:

  • Register or visit ToolsBall Software website.
  • Place a product or service order with us.
  • For any technical assistance from our expert advisors.
  • To provide feedback for any kind of survey or query.
  • Request ToolsBall Software to provide a suggestion on any product or service related query.
  • Information related to promotional activities.
  • Subscribe to ToolsBall to get daily updates regarding change in policies.

Privacy Obligations

ToolsBall is built in way that it may ask for certain personal details like email address, name, IP address, phone number, National Identification Number, etc. This information is required to offer you various top-notch services. Credit Card and other bank related information are only required in case you opt to make an instant payment to purchase our service.

All the personal Information provided by you is stored in Digital Databases that are secured with codes and algorithms by our experts. We also store your valuable information in digital archives that is managed solely by us and not by any third party. We take complete liability to protect your personal information and always keeps it safe from any kind of malware or unauthorized access.

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